Aug 6, 2012

Dream of theater and washing a bus

Here's another dream recount from a dream that I had last night.

I dreamed that I was in a large room, which was part of a very large movie theatre complex. It was filled with people, all whom were strangers and I was walking around, looking at all the people, trying to find my friend who seemed to have disapeared. Finally, I just had one more place to check and that was the restroom. So I checked the restroom and from the first stall, I could hear him snoring, so I knocked on the door and asked if everything was ok. He then came out and we started talking about which movie we wanted to watch. As I was standing in the restroom, some people came in and were talking amongst themselves. Then I felt water dripping from me and at first felt a panicky feeling like it was coming from me because I had something physically very wrong. But then I traced the water back to my head and then realized that it was coming from the ceiling and I just happened to be standing underneath it.

So then me and my friend left the restroom and were still discussing which movie we should watch, since we missed the one we were going to watch because he fell asleep in the restroom. Then I said, "Hey, you wanna get popcorn and a drink?" He said he did, so we then started walking along a very long counter, looking at all kinds of snacks, such as candy and chips. I couldn't decide what to get.

Then the dream changed and we were driving a large truck in the country. We decided to stop and try to wash the truck, which seemed to grow in size as we were washing it. We started at the back of the vehicle and as we slowly moved forward, it became more buslike. At first he had the water hose, but I wanted to take over, so I took the water hose and was cleaning under a rear wheel well when I missed a spot and he sort of snapped at me to get that spot! So then I was trying much harder to clean it the best I could, without missing any spots and with paying extra attention to those spots that didn't come off very easily.

Then a small group of people showed up and they seemed to think they were above having to belittle themselves with washing a vehicle. They were mostly standing around, sort of in the way and I was trying to be polite and not get them wet. But as they were standing on the other side of the bus, I was rinsing the roof and one of them got wet and yelled at me. She said "Don't get us wet, we're musicians!" I responded with "So am I!". Then I felt extra peeved so from then on, I made a point to make sure I got them wet when I sprayed the water.

This part of the dream eventually faded, at least faded from my memory, but what I remember next is being in a medium sized retail store, in the back room. A guy, who I was slightly intimidated by, asked me to go out to the floor and get a small sewing kit. He gave specific instructions for exactly what kind of kit he wanted and what he didn't want. I frantically searched for this sewing kit and finally found one that looked like it was the right kind. It was in a small clear bag and contained some small scissors, which was part of the proper description. So I took these and brought them back to him. He told me they weren't the right kind. Then he showed me one of the uses, which was nothing to do with sewing. He demonstrated on a lady who was standing there. She had 3 small protruding bumps on the inside of each eye. The part next to the nose. He took this little device, which was sort of like a small set of eyelash curlers and he grabbed those 3 bumps simultaneously and twitched them up, as they made a snapping into place sound. He then repeated this procedure on the other eye and I sat there thinking what on earth is that all about.

Then someone told me that I needed to make a deposit by 4:00 and it was an hour away. Yet the time was already 3:15 and I didn't know how I would be able to make it on time.

I must have woken up at this point, because this is all I remember of the dream.

Now a few more songs that I like a lot, which have nothing to do with my dream. Just great music!

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