Aug 28, 2016

5 New Abstract Cityscape Art Prints based on Portland, San Francisco and Pacific Coast

High quality art prints starting at $30 with no charge shipping in continental United States.

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Caught in the Grid
Portland, Oregon

Deep Collusion
Portland, Oregon

Outskirts of Dreamland
San Francisco

The Future You Believed In
Portland, Oregon

Remote Viewing
Oregon Pacific Coast Sunset

Aug 6, 2016

9 New Vibrant Dream Cityscape Digital Artwork & Prints

This photocomposite artwork was created from my iPhone photographs taken mostly around Portland and San Francisco. Art Prints are available for purchase on my site. For inquiries about image rights please send email.

Belief Systems

Convinced of the Hex

Drifting Tension

Panic Overload

Morning Sun

In Limbo

3-2-1 Liftoff

Turning Left

Don't Stop Dreaming

Apr 29, 2016

11 New Dream Cityscape Artworks

This is dream cityscape digital art that I create with photomanipulation from my photographs.
These  are 11 of my newest artworks which are all also available as a print in various sizes.

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"California Dream"
San Francisco

Portland, Oregon

"Distant Voices"
Portland, Oregon

"Flood of Emotion"
San Francisco

"Frozen Twilight"
Portland, Oregon

"Pick Me Up"
San Francisco

"Space City"

"No Right Turn"
San Francisco

"Us and Them"
Oregon City, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

"House of Dreams"
San Francisco