Aug 12, 2012

Some crazy dreams; driving a semi, stepping over snakes and being in a Hollywood studio... from last night!

I had many crazy dreams last night and most of them have already faded, but I will recount what the pieces of the dreams that I remember.

In the most recent dream, I was sitting in the passenger seat of a semi truck and the driver jumped out at a red light, leaving it running and didn't come back soon enough, so I had to try driving it from the passenger seat. I was mostly steering the truck, until I came to another red light and I remember feeling slow acting, so I couldn't react fast enough to jump into the driver seat and take control of it, but luckily, just a split second before I got to the intersection, the light turned green and I just kept on truckin. Then I managed to get into the driver seat and was now in full control of it, except that I have never driven a semi truck before! But I have driven a stick, so I used what I knew and managed it. I went on for another 10 minutes in traffic like this and was actually starting to feel a little proud of this accomplishment too! But I knew I needed to turn around at some point and go back to pick up the driver, who I think I remember being a friend of mine in real life, but the memory of exactly who this person is has faded since waking up. I came up to a roomy shopping center parking lot, so decided to turn around there. Then as I was slowly driving through the parking lot, next to the shopping center, some people who were walking very slow, made me have to stop abruptly. They then looked up and apologized, then got out of the way and I kept driving, back out to the road and on my way back to pick up my friend.... when I woke up.

Before this dream, I was visiting a Hollywood studio for some other reason, than working there in some capacity, was there for other business, which I'm not sure what that was.  I had my camera with me and was taking pictures of some of the interior rooms, as well as a few of the people. I did see a couple famous people and took pictures of them. I remember feeling a little excited about that opportunity too. At one point I was in a movie set room with a few other people and we were waiting for someone to arrive to do a shoot. Then some strange things happened in this room and it became all messed up and full of dust, with the appearance that it has been there for a long time. Then a director showed up and was full of glee that it looked like that and he said it was perfect now. Then I helped him carry in some large pieces of furniture that were very antique looking. This is all I remember of this segment.

Before this dream, I was just trying to get somewhere, walking at night throught the countryside with a friend. He said he needed to go through the woods and get something and would be back later. I was supposed to sit there and wait. But a few minutes after he left, I thought I would venture into the woods and try to find my way and catch up with him. I remember at one point feeling that familiar dream paralysis, where I could just barely move and everything I did was so slow. I was sitting down on the ground and noticed a large snake in front of me. It wasn't moving and I thought it might be dead, but I didn't want to touch it and find out, so I tried to step over it, but I could hardly move. Finally I got over it and then saw another snake, just like that one. I repeated this same process, then immediately found a third snake! This is all I remember of this dream sequence, but at some point during the same dream, I realized I had to cross a huge field to get my shoes and socks, which I left there earlier. This field had 5 long rows of Christmas lights laid out from one end to the other, each strand was about 25 feet away from the other and they were parallel to each other. So I walked across the field and that seemed to take a long time to do. When I finally got to my shoes, a farmer who owned the field was near my shoes and I introduced myself and told him I was just there to get my shoes. He was apprehensive at first, but when he realized that I really did just want to get my shoes and go on, he seemed a bit more at ease. I also asked him about his Christmas lights which were strung across his field and he told me that it was something he had to do. He began to explain the reason, but I really didn't understand and it made no sense. This is all I remember of this segment.

So, it was a busy night and I woke up feeling like I needed to rest a little more, to recover from my dreams!


Anonymous said...

Interesting that a lot of your dreams involve traveling. I have dreamed of snakes a few times and always thought they might be a warning or danger. But hard to figure them out. For some reason I have not had a lot of dreams lately. The last one I was standing behind a woman who was sitting in a chair and I was braiding her hair. Figure that out..LOL

Hope you are feeling well.


-blessed holy socks, the non-perishable-zealot said...

Wow. You're quite beautifull. How I'd love to kiss your delicious, wonderfull feets in the Heaven Above the earth. Meet me Upstairs. I'll look forward to it with great joy. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Love this photo of you. an incredibly beautiful lady!