Jul 19, 2012

Dream of Albert Einstein's office and working as a janitor and running naked through an office

I've been having some really crazy and vivid dreams lately. Most are drawn out adventurous sagas. This is a dream I had last night.

I was with my cousin at a place like Disney. Not sure if it really was Disney, or just another them park like Disney, but we were walking around looking for a place to get a drink. I remember feeling like having a good drink was all I could think about. Maybe I just felt like getting a buzz, maybe it was a form of escape or maybe I just needed something to take the edge off the stress of life. In real life, I don't usually drink very much or very often too. I'm also not sure who this person was that was supposed to be my female cousin in this dream.

So we finally found a single $5 mixed icy alcoholic girly drink. We seemed to finish it off immediately and then I was on the hunt for more. I was very conscious that I didn't have very much money to get a drink with and was a little hesitant, since we were at Disney and everything there was totally over priced, but I really wanted a drink! After walking around a bit, looking for a suitable place to get a drink, we wandered into a casual restaurant and we each got a $5 small glass of beer. Mine was dark, stout and very tasty too. Then we walked further into this restaurant and ended up in some small attraction that showcased Albert Einstein and this particular room was a set up reenactment of his office, including his desk and everything else he had in his office. I was fascinated by this and just quietly studied his entire setup, every object on his desk too. I remember feeling like I wasn't supposed to just hover there for too long and should be moving on to the next exhibit, but I couldn't help but just stand there and absorb as much as I could of this wonderful opportunity that lay before me in this exhibit. Then a lady who was in charge of the exhibit came up to me with a little Albert Einstein doll and some other nick knacks that were part of the exhibit and she told me I could have them cause I really seemed sincerely interested. At first I wasn't sure if she was joking or if there was some kind of catch to this, but I realized that she was being completely serious, so I took those items and held on to them really tightly, as I sat there and watched a very long presentation in this room with maybe a dozen or so other people. Some of these people seemed jealous that I had these items and they seemed like they would try to take them from me if I set them down. I remember this Einstein doll sort of morphed into something that was electronic and more complicated during the course of my dream.

When this presentation was over, I took a walk down a long hall that seemed like it was part of an office. Then someone who was in charge of that office, asked me to run the vacuum cleaner real quick, before I left. I obliged and as I was vacuuming, noticed that the floor had a lot of little objects like pencils and other graffiti that I wasn't able to vacuum up and was trying to vacuum around. I finally decided I needed to stop running the vacuum and actually pick up this stuff and put into the trash, then also take care of the trash as well, before I resumed vacuuming. I also realized that this was no longer going to be just a simple and quick little job but that it would take a lot more effort and time to do it right.

This is all I remember of this dream. I may have woken up about then. Many of the small details of this dream have already faded, but I have enough of the basic story to be able to recount the main thrust of this dream.

Another night I dreamed of being in a capsule sitting back facing the sky, watching a bunch of symbols, numbers and code flashing before my eyes. I asked the pilot who was sitting next to me, what was happening. He told me it was a time machine. Just then the capsule turned to the right and we took off, flying around just above the ground and apparently trying to dodge the fire from other strange looking crafts and vehicles, some were friendly, some were enemies and I just wanted to get out of there. The next thing I remember was landing back inside the building where we started, which was apparently a place I was working. I got out and right then I saw my boss through a window looking into some kind of sauna. He was in the room with a bunch of other people and he was also totally naked. I remember thinking how on earth could he be doing that! Then I realized I was naked and my clothes were no where near me, but on the other side of the building. So I ran through the building into a room that had my clothes and slipped them on, with thankfully no one seeing me naked. This is all I can remember of this dream.

I don't know who this boss was because I am currently looking for a job. Maybe this was a bit of peering into the future? The office setting was very modern and yet was unlike any place I've ever worked before too.

Please feel free to interpret either of these 2 dreams as best you can, even if you aren't an expert dream interpreter. :) If you leave your interpretation as a comment, I will publish it, unless it's full of hate and venom, then I will delete it of course. lol thanks for reading!

Here's a nice little song from Red Hot Chili Peppers from their Californication album called "Parallel Universe". It's not only one of my fave RHCP songs, but seems to sort of fit with the theme of this post as well. Enjoy!


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