May 7, 2014

Dream Journal: Waking up inside dream and other adventures...

Since making some recent healthier choices, including better exercise, I've been remembering my dreams much better and they seem much more clear than they have since I last wrote about my dreams sometime in 2012.  Last night's dreams seemed so real and vivid and I woke up remembering pieces of them so I decided to jot them down while fresh in my mind. My current plan is to restart my dream journal and to also keep writing about them here.

Here is what I can remember of last night's dream.

I'm getting off work and trying to leave the building, but before I leave, I need to use the restroom. I go into a stall but realize that there is a big space between the stall walls and some annoying person that apparently works there too is trying to look into this space and she will not leave me alone. So I pull apart the walls where this space is and walk though it to leave and find another restroom where I can have some privacy.

I'm in my house, which is sort of a mixture of some houses where I lived as a child and places I've lived since. I look out of a front window and notice I can see some of the ocean but it's mostly obstructed by the houses that are across the street. I never noticed before that I can see the ocean from my house. I start to analyze what I see and also realize that if I used a camera with a good zoom I can get a decent view between the houses.

I'm driving along the coast in the evening, but I'm not necessarily in a car. I sort of feel like I'm not in a vehicle at all, but just moving along. I then notice that I'm also moving through the water since a wave must have washed over the road, yet I still feel mostly safe and I'm also enjoying this feeling. As I look around, I realize no one else is around and I wonder if I really am safe, so I turn left onto a small road so I can get on dry ground again, but the water begins to wash over this road too, but just very gently and this feeling of moving along without a vehicle while also floating/skimming across the water feels very exhilarating. I want to explore this fun water world but not sure if it is truly safe.

I'm back in the same house as earlier and I wake up. Now I'm awake in my dream as I try to do some of my usual routine. (Although I would not consider myself to be lucid at this point because even though I woke up inside my dream, I still was not fully aware that this was a dream world) I remember some of the really crazy and vivid dreams I had earlier and try to write them down with a pencil, but can't seem to make the pencil work properly. I have trouble actually making words. I look around my room and realize that I can rearrange most of the furniture and make it more functional. As I'm planning and rearranging in my head, I notice a strange little creepy large insect on the floor. It scares me at first and my first thought is to whack it, but as I start to observe it more, I look into it's eyes and I then realize it isn't an insect but it's a little soft gray cat.

I then walk out into the kitchen area and proceed to weigh myself as I do every morning. I have a lot of trouble getting the scale to work properly and I'm perplexed as to why. Then I notice that the scale is sitting on top of a large wobbly stool, which may be the problem. So I move the scale unto the floor and try to weigh again. Now I can't make sense of the display. There's illogical extra digits and shapes in it. Then I notice a dog and I start petting this dog as I look into their eyes. The dog starts talking to me and we have a nice conversation, then I realize the scale is turned around the wrong way and I was trying to read the display backwards. So I rotate the scale and try to weigh again. This time, it still makes no sense, so I decide to just try it later.

Sometime shortly after this, I woke up for real.

"She wakes up in her dream" Digital Art by Stacy Ann Young