Jun 13, 2012

Sedona Dream

This is a poem I wrote while camping in Sedona.

Not coming down for a long long time
Never been so high
In all my life
Up on this mountain I can touch the sky
And I feel like I can fly
All the negative energy
Has blown away
Now I can see
A lot more clarity
The dreams I’m having are so intense
They’re telling me things
That I used to miss
And guiding my spirit
To a place of bliss
Every night
My soul takes a ride
To a sacred place
Where I can confide
And on this mountain
I have no pride
Only when I’m still
Can I see inside
This is the magic pill
That takes me for a ride.

Stacy Young  ©2009

1 comment:

lacecd said...

What a remarkable poem ...soothing and inspiring. We all have or need a place to find our self again.

Hugs Lace