Jul 22, 2012

Broken Mirrors of Freedom

Irrevocable freedom
Caught in the twilight of insomnia
Thoughts penetrated where you need them
The differences like shades of gray
Embedded in the atmosphere
Somewhere in the fray
And won’t stop bleedin
Just another act of a familiar play

Ferocious wanderings, unapologetic endeavors
Sacrificial offerings blinded by broken mirrors
Boundaries are lines in the sand
Still floundering on this dry desert-like land

Wilderness of rambling roses
All lined up along the wall
Each one unique
Meaningful ideas
Different poses
Drastic surveillance
Regretful wishes
Elastic turbulence

Bloody clinched fists
Bruised and blackened
Too many lists
Chained up inside
And still… freedom-less.

Stacy Young ©2008

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