Jul 3, 2012

Dream of escaping the hospital in a go kart

A dream I just had while taking a long nap.

I was in the hospital and they were talking of moving me to another room, which was across an alleyway in another  building, yet I was talking to them across the alley in this other building. My new room was supposed to be  something with a couch and a lot of political info to read, listen to and study. This room was also more of a public  room and I wasn't too thrilled with being taken out of my little private room.

So I escaped in a go kart and drove and drove...out of the city, across the countryside on hilly and windy country  roads, for what seemed like hours. At one point I was at a high point in the terrain and was able to briefly look  out over the tree tops and see for many miles in all directions. My view was a lot of mountains and I remember  thinking that I could probably see 3 states from there on a clear day... then I thought that maybe it was actually 4  states. I'm really not sure, but it sort of seemed like I was near Atlanta perhaps, so maybe those states were  Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama...that is if I was actually in North Georgia in this dream.

So I just kept driving my go kart further and further away and getting more and more lost. Eventually, the day  turned to night and I was still driving. I remember how hard it seemed to just get up some of those hills too, with  my foot pressed all the way down on the accelerator. I got behind a man who was walking for some reason I was  debating whether I should try to pass him. Then I started to notice a gun hanging from his side and beige pants with  a black stripe running down the side of the leg. I realized that he was a cop and this scared me a little. Right  then, he turned around and I smiled and waved at him. He smiled and waved back as I passed him, but was barely able  to pull away since the kart was so underpowered for the steepness of those hills. So I kept driving for quite a  while still and I passed a Taco Bell on my right. I was so hungry and my usual 2 bean burritos sounded really good,  but I fought in my head about whether I should indulge in such a thing at that point. Finally after a few more  minutes of driving, I decided to go back to Taco Bell and was also thinking that maybe I would then go back in the  direction I came since I was just getting more and more lost and it was night. I pulled over and dug through my  purse, getting the correct amount of money out so I wouldn't have to fumble with it when I got there. I was just  looking for $1 bills and kept finding $5's and $10's. Then I found 3 dollars, but just then decided to get a  Mountain Dew too, which in real life I haven't drank in probably a few years and this also used to be something I  drank a lot of before I gave up sodas completely. So I pulled out a $5 bill and started to turn my go cart around  and go back to Taco Bell.

Just then one of the neighbors lit off some loud firecrackers and I woke up. Kind of anti-climactic.

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