Jul 14, 2012

Saturday Morning in Mt. Clemens, Michigan

I took a walk around downtown Mt. Clemens this morning on my way to the library. It was a very warm and muggy day and I was glad I made this walk in the early morning instead of waiting til later. One thing I noticed today with all the people I saw is that everyone seems to be in a trance. No one was smiling or even seemed happy at all. Is life really this miserable for so many people? At least they have a lovely little town to live in. In the near future I hope to take a much longer photo walk around Mt. Clemens, including some of the very quaint residential areas too. All these pictures were taken with a little Sony Cybershot "point and shoot" camera, which does just that. I hold it up and press the button and that is all I do. No messing with settings such as F-Stops, aperture, ISO, color temperature, exposure or shutter speed to worry about. I do miss my big, heavy Nikon D90 that really served me well for almost 4 years, but I don't miss lugging such a beast around whenever I wanted to take pictures. So it's a give and take, much like life in general. It seems everything we do has that aspect to it and if you don't think so, then you probably aren't fully experiencing your life. Not that I am fully experiencing it, don't get me wrong. This is just my observation and nothing more. Well, enjoy these pics of this lovely little town. I briefly thought about embedding the Chicago song, Saturday in the Park, but that would be a slight cheese overload. There's already enough cheese in this blog post and just in my life in general, so...instead here is Bush "Prizefighter" from the great album "The Science of Things". This is one of my favorite songs off this album. Just to avoid confusion, this band has nothing to do with either of our former Presidents!

One of the Administration buildings in Mt. Clemens from the River Park

The old Macomb County Administration Building

Mt. Clemens Clinton River Park

JFK overlooking the city of Mt. Clemens

One of the courtyards in downtown Mt. Clemens

This one looks like he really means business!

Sculpture outside of Coney Island

I wonder what they do at the Masonic Temple?

Quiet downtown on a Saturday morning

Anton Art Center - Downtown Mt. Clemens

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