Aug 7, 2012

Photo walk in downtown Mt. Clemens, Michigan on a pretty Sunday

This last Sunday was such a beautiful and picture perfect day, compared to the weeks of oppressive heat, so I took a nice long walk around downtown Mt. Clemens and snapped a few pics of the downtown.

Emerald Theater, which is now closed down
Heads Up head shop window reflection

the top of Macomb County Admin high rise building

Macomb County Admin building

Riverside Drive

Scale size replica of canon

Firefighter memorial

Electric car charging station

the photographer's reflection caught in door window

Old deserted buildings

The Bank nightclub, which is closed down, Admin building in background

Lingering classic cars from the classic car show the day before

New and old

War on Terror!

Clinton River

Mt Clemens from 4th floor parking garage stairwell

Mt Clemens reflection in building wall

orange Dodge
Reach for the sky! Macomb County  Admin building

1 comment:

Russ said...

Love those pics. Funny when I think of Michigan I am always thinking Detroit or some other gritty industrial area. I went to the upper pen. and it was like a whole different world from what I expected. Wish now I would have explored your area more. Looks really nice.

Have to say I liked the Dodge Challenger pic but I am a little biased. I have one the same color :)