Apr 27, 2013

Introducing my 3 new art sites!

I want to introduce some of my new art sites. 

The first one is StacyYoungArt.com

I can't wait to share some of my new pieces and experiments, which will include paintings on canvas, multi-layer glass paintings... and also photo and graphic art as well, which will be available with various sizes and materials. I'm also sharing some of my photo and graphic art on this site.

The next new site is StacyPDX.com

Here I post updates such as new art, photos, news and events that relate to both my photography and art sites, StacyYoungPhotos.com and the very new and extremely exciting StacyYoungArt.com

The last site, StacyYoungPhotos.com is actually my first site, but this one is now re-purposed, reinvented and reinvigorated. The primary focus of this site is to show my photography.

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