Sep 6, 2013

Why I prefer the iPhone 5 to a DSLR camera.

I remember how excited I felt 5 years ago when I was about to purchase my first "real camera". The new Nikon D90 has just been released and I was convinced that THIS was the best bang for the buck... or at least that this camera would improve my photography skills and business opportunities making it a worthy investment. This was the decision I made after carefully reviewing all the DSLR cameras.

While still in the parking lot of the camera store, I had to put it all together so I could try it out on my drive home. I was so eager that I didn't want to take the time to read any of the instructions and I nearly broke the lens while mounting it on the camera body for the first time. For the next 2 years I lugged that beast around almost everywhere I went, which was really a big hassle but still seemed like my best option until I decided to get a Sony Cybershot which was very small compared to the D90. Since I was literally able to take my camera anywhere I went, the Cybershot gave me a lot more flexibility. I never had to miss a photo taking opportunity anymore and so this little camera slowly became my main camera of choice, just for the freedom that it offered. Soon, I practically forgot that I had the D90 and it sat on my shelf just collecting dust and showing some signs of jealousy from the relationship that I was forming with the Cybershot.

All during this time I was still using a "dumb" phone. This phone had a 1.3 mp camera that in no way even came close to offering the kind of quality to be able to take a decent photo. But by now, I had my eye on the newer iPhones and started seeing some pretty impressive photos being shot on these little devices. I finally got my first iPhone earlier this year. Suddenly the rest of the shackles fell off and I felt completely liberated. Not only did I always have my camera with me, but I always had it in my hand, always ready to get that shot. This camera was so fast that I could just click off the photos very fast, with what seems like no lag at all from the time I press the button until the photo has been shot. The ability to easily email or post the photos online was a nice effect too. I started to document the cool things that I saw and experienced as I could shoot, then post the better or more interesting photos immediately and all while hanging out of the car passenger window even. Posting my photos instantly to Facebook was something I did mainly to have a single place to keep these types of photos, sort of documenting my life. At least this was the main reason I started doing this. My secondary motive was as simple as finding some joy in sharing the beautiful and very interesting things that I experienced with the world... or just whoever happened to see them.

I will admit that I have from time to time read about some of the newer cameras, such as the Sony NEX series, which I've had my eye on since right after I got the brick camera, my D90, which I no longer have, btw... but that is for future post. I've even been offered the full use of a nice Nikon D80 and politely declined since I really seem to prefer to shoot with my iPhone 5. I do realize that some of the other smart phones now have better cameras and also have the capability of shooting better in low light conditions. I also realize that there are a lot of limitations when almost solely using a smart phone camera, such as a good quality zoom. But for now at least, I choose to have these limitations in return for the utter convenience and simplicity of shooting with my iPhone 5. (Almost) Everything I need on the go is now in the palm of my hand. Internet, email, useful apps... and the only camera I really need.

That 41 mp Nokia 808 Pureview looks interesting.... but it uses Windows 8. I think I will stick with my iPhone for now.

Take a look at some more of the photos I shot on the iPhone 5.

Here's a whole bunch I shot from a moving car a few months ago.

written by Stacy Ann Young

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