Nov 25, 2015

Photos of Silicon Valley California Historical Places (Pt 3 of Bay Area Roadtrip)

HP Garage: Birthplace of Silicon Valley

Atari's original headquarters in Sunnyvale

Googleplex in Mountain View

The hill with walking paths next to the Googleplex

Stanford University seen from the hill next to the Googleplex

Cars of Silicon Valley

The building that was The Byte Shop in Mountain View
 where Apple sold their first home computers

Apple Campus in Cupertino

The new Apple Spaceship campus in Cupertino under construction

San Jose and vicinity

Facebook Headquarters in Menlo Park

Nasa Ames Research Center in Mountain View

Nasa Ames Research Center seen from the hill next to the Googleplex in Mountain View

Paypal Headquarters in San Jose

Oakland and Emeryville where Pixar Headquarters is located

Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe, located across from Pixar Headquarters

Pixar Headquarters in Emeryville

Steve Jobs family's home in Palo Alto

Steve Jobs childhood home in Los Altos where he and Woz built the first Apple computer

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple's home and black BMW in Palo Alto

Tesla Headquarters in Fremont

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