May 30, 2012

Fear is a means to an end

Monumental fear of the draconian resurgence,
as the tempest beast spreads it's evil wings,
taking heed of the Sage-like bewilderment of the joyous discrepancies,
and all for the betterment?

The pompous anemic triviality of the obsessed,
is no further though from the weak mind,
of the clinically depressed.

But not to suggest,
a momentary pain but a monumental gain,
and it goes deeper than the fruit,
and deeper than the root.

The endless cycle,
and the circling of time.
This has been a common phenomena for billions of years squared,
and yet has only just begun,
for no matter how hard we try to comprehend,
everything is merely a means to an end.

Stacy Young 2012 

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