May 15, 2012

Job hunting on foot while fasting

Apollo waiting for me to come home.
Well I managed to go downtown on foot and visit every business asking if they had job openings or leads. Nothing immediately turned up but I have a lot more leads now and overall, this was a terrific experience for me. I started out at Che Cosa Coffee & Cafe, with a cup of black coffee and a couple leads from the person working there, then I sat down and reviewed a downtown directory while planning which direction I wanted to traverse. I decided to visit the Art Center first to see if they needed instructors for their Summer Art Camp this year, since I taught art classes 15 years ago at an Art Center back in Florida and enjoyed doing that a lot. The person in charge wasn't available so I left my resume and told them what I was interested in, then perused the galleries before I was off to the next place. Then I found a nice little store called Gemini Moon where I talked to the owner for about 10 minutes about all kinds of things, including some more job leads. I bought a pack of Nag Champa which fit in my purse, so I didn't have to carry any bags. This made my purse smell really nice, and the area around me too, everywhere I went. So I then went to a few dozen more businesses and the whole 3 hours I spent doing this was a very positive experience for me and has helped me get out of my shell a lot more. It's not so bad just going into a place and asking. Most of the people today seemed to be happy to have someone to talk to and also help as much as they could. A few of these ended up in a 10 or 15 minute conversation, which helped me start to get over my innate shyness.

I feel so vulnerable opening up like this and pouring my thoughts out on this blog, but for some reason, I just feel like I need to do it. I hope that this is at least mildly entertaining, maybe somewhat interesting. Well it's fun to do, even though I'm sure that I slaughter the English language pretty good.  But whatever it is, it is just me trying to make sense of this world. 

I'm sorta doing a fast right now, which is for many reasons. One is to give me more energy and raise my vibration, the other is just to lose the weight that I've been trying to lose for the last 2 years, it's not a lot, just maybe 10 lbs, but I always hit a plateau at a certain weight and have been struggling to just get past that and establish a new baseline to work with. Yeah I know this sounds like it's my body's natural way of regulating my weight to be ideal for what it needs, but I haven't accepted that theory yet. Yesterday I had a little bit of red bell pepper/garlic hummus that I made the day before, but only about 100 cals worth all day. Today so far, I've eaten nothing, and I definitely feel more clear headed and have a lot more energy. The walk, fresh air and sunshine today also helped with that.

So tonight I will be applying for any new jobs that I find online, and also sending some follow up letters to places I've applied to a few weeks ago. Most of these jobs are the kinds that I should be totally qualified for such as various administrative jobs. I've worked as a Payroll Administrator for about 8 years and could do any kind of Payroll job with my hands tied behind my back, so at this point, have applied for probably at least 20 Payroll jobs, plus a number of Human Resources, Accounting Clerk, Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payable, secretarial, mail room jobs and general office jobs too. I've also applied for a bunch of online customer service and call center jobs. Today was not as bad as I thought it would be, so tomorrow I may visit some more places close by and continue networking in person. I did find out about a job fair next week, so if I don't find something before then, it's another resource that I can't afford to miss. My purse still smells like Nag Champa too. :)

Mt.Clemens Michigan downtown
Downtown Mt. Clemens with the Art Center on the right

Macomb County Administration Building

mt. clemens building with gargoyles
On my walk back home I rested at the river for a few minutes.

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