May 16, 2012

Writing HTML and Raspberry M&M's

Today I started learning HTML and I'm also working on a new page on my site that I'm using to practice and learn. As simple as the page is so far, I'm really thrilled to have written my first code and was able to see it work. When I uploaded the page that I made in notepad to my site, went to the page and it loaded just as it was intended to, I did a Hell Yeah! It's little thrills like this that make life interesting. :)

You can see it here. My HTML Sandbox
There's nothing spectacular about this page and the only purpose that it serves is just something I'm using to learn HTML. However, the next time I want to create a new page or site with a purpose, I can now do it all from scratch. Not to mention just making changes on existing pages won't be so intimidating either. Yeah I'm just a geek who really enjoys this sort of stuff. Anyway if anyone looks at this page, there is no telling what condition it will be in at that time or what will even be displayed, since I will be doing a lot of experimentation with it. Here's the main site home page.

I broke my 2 day fast last night when my legs starting cramping really bad and I noticed that my ankles were swollen. So I ate 2 bananas and some pretzels. The muscles in my shins and feet were cramping so bad and were so tight feeling that it felt like they were gonna break off. The only thing I know to do when this happens is to stand in a bathtub of hot water and try to relax. It was also a difficult night trying to sleep cause they kept cramping during the night. I would jump out of bed in agony and walk around, trying to loosen them up and twice I had to get in the bathtub. I believe they were doing this from all the walking I did yesterday when I walked downtown and walked around downtown, wearing flat shoes with no support in them too. In addition I think a bit of dehydration was a factor since I usually drink at least 10 glasses of water a day, but since I was walking around in the sun for 3 hours, this depleted my body's water supply.

I further broke the fast this morning when I decided to eat a veggie dog, just plain and by itself, only 45 calories and a lot of protein...then another one since they were only 45 calories, then another.... then I discovered raspberry M&M's. Oh well, this is what being human is all about. It's a constant struggle between our mind and our inner child.

If any web design/programming geeks are reading this post, feel free to critique my first code. I welcome any advice or suggestions.

Here's the link to the code. (not always updated so you might as well right click, view source)

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