Jun 20, 2012

Brown Tweed Couch

Brown tweed couch in the TV’s glare
Lying on my back
It’s itchy under there.

Falling asleep late at night
Waking to find a tweedish pattern
on my face - what a horrible sight.
Coarsey, horsey hair is all I can taste
TV blasting, fans are turning
And the lamp was left on,

As I laid there on my back
I wrote this little song.  I was watching my life go by
Wondering why you don’t feel 
the way I do.

Brown tweed couch
Cat is at my feet
He claws at my toes
He wants something to eat.

As I lay here on my back
Watching my dreams go by
Wondering why you don’t feel
the same way too.

I’m lonely
My life is turning
Please help me to go on
And stop this yearning.
  Stacy Young  1995  

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