Mar 31, 2013

Discovering Portland through my iPhone

 For the last 3 weeks, I've had the pleasure to walk around Portland with my iPhone in hand, snapping pictures left and right of just about everything I saw. There is something liberating about the freedom of always having my camera at finger's reach and for that camera to weigh about as much as a piece of cardboard. I'm also amazed that cameras have evolved to having a decent level of quality derived from a near-microscopic dot as a lens. Not to mention that it's also a lot more fun when I can post some of my favorite pictures on to Facebook, just seconds after experiencing them, in almost real-time.

One of the most fascinating facets of Portland's culture is the food cart phenomena. There are hundreds of food carts, mostly situated into food cart pods, which are located throughout the entire city and are successfully proving that this kind of business model can indeed work...even in a big city.

This photo gallery shows a slice of the really cool food cart culture of Portland. There's also lots of very interesting buildings and some very unique and spectacular architecture, since many of the historical buildings have been preserved.

Portlanders, such as myself are proud of our city and we want to share it with the world... Now I am sharing my own discovery of the Rose City with the world. Please share it forward.

...more to come. :)

You can also scroll through the gallery in all 4 directions using your keyboard arrow buttons. 

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