May 29, 2015

Downtown Portland Oregon up close

It was the morning of a nice 80+ degree day in Portland and I had a few extra hours to spend there, so I took a few pictures of the joyous occasion.

SW 4th Ave from Pioneer Place Mall Skyway
some of many examples of early 20th century architecture
The top of KOIN Center tower has a vintage 19th century riverfront warehouse theme
Hawthorne Bridge
Portland Aerial Tram crossing I-5
Here comes the train
World Trade Center
Portland Waterfront along Willamette River

Geo Metro hot rod

Sun burning through the early morning fog

Palm trees at Tom McCall Waterfront Park

Coming into Portland on I-5 just before morning rush hour
Pioneer Place Mall 4th floor

Everyone has their coffee and pressed business uniforms and is in a really good mood... now it's time to start work :)
bike police
Elk Fountain, presented to city in 1900

World Trade Center

SW Portland suburb Tigard
VW Squareback in Mcminnville, 35 miles southwest of Portland

Portland Art & Prints

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